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Design features

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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are particularly suited for the storage of long goods and bulky material. The patented boltless slot-in arm assembly enables the cantilever to move freely on impact, protecting products and racking from damage. The height-adjustable arm can be easily adapted to any goods stored.

Standard Features:

  • Pricipal elements made from hot-rolled steel profiles
  • Arms adjustable on a pitch of 100 mm
  • Upright columns and base sections are bolted for economical transport
  • Available as single sided or double sided system
  • Racks are finished with top quality epoxy powder coating
  • Galvanized option for the outdoor storage
  • Standard colours are sky-blue (RAL 5015), reseda-green (RAL 6011) or fire-red (RAL 3000)
  • On demand with roof and wall-cladding
A wide range of accessories like arm-bridges, guiding rails or canopy arms can be provided to meet all your individual requirements