Industry Solutions


Cantilever racking is the suitable storage system when it comes to storing particularly long, unwieldy or even heavy goods in such a way that the material can be accessed at any time and is stored safely and in a space-saving manner.
For example, cantilever racks can be found in the wood, metal and building materials trade, in production plants, in carpentry workshops or at car recyclers, where complete end-of-life vehicles are stored in an environmentally friendly way according to the current guidelines.

Cantilever racking features:

  • Racking heights, useful depths and loads adapted to your storage conditions
  • Standard arm loads up to 2 500 kg, upright loads up to 10 000 kg
  • Height-adjustable storage levels in 100 mm increments
  • Galvanised version for outdoor storage
  • Can be extended at any time