Rack Types


Cantilever racking can be used conventionally in a warehouse (for example near the production facility) or outdoors. Depending on the installation location and conveyor technology, cantilever racking can be used on one or both sides. Depending on the function of the warehouse, there are different variants. For outdoor storage, there are galvanised cantilever racks that are additionally equipped with a roof construction. If desired, these shelves can also be closed with a rear wall.

The other expansion stage of cantilever racking is the mobile variant. The cantilever racks are mounted on torsionally stiff mobile carriages or chassis, which are then electrically driven. Thus, the complete racking line moves. This variant is called mobile racking.

Finally, the robust cantilever racking can be used as a substructure for a racking hall, including consideration of gates, skylights or an anti-drip coating. The roof and wall cladding can also be provided here by the customer. All cantilever racks can be expanded (also subsequently) into an automatic warehouse. Together with the optimal conveyor technology such as storage and retrieval machines and the appropriate storage software, the conventional racking becomes an automatic warehouse.